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Effect of Diet On Health

Whether you’re dieting? if you are experiencing the unpleasant result of your diet …? hopefully the following article could be useful for you:

There are thousands of face cream that is available on the market, every product promises the skin younger, smoother and more brilliant. While the expensive creams and lotions that can help soften the skin’s surface, the foundation of a healthy skin is a good diet. Consumption of healthy foods in your diet is an indispensable factor in your overall health, especially for healthy skin.

One of the most important element for healthy skin is to drink enough water, least eight glasses a day which will be very beneficial for the skin. Water can hydrate the skin cells, removing waste products and ultimately prevent constipation. This gives a new skin softness and makes it look radiant. In addition, keep your skin moist will help reduce lines and wrinkles and eliminate acne and blackheads.
Some vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, C and E, very good for the skin. Iron can also contribute to skin color. People who lack vitamin tend to have dry skin and can not heal properly. Very dry skin, especially on the skin of the hands, it may crack and even bleed.

Vitamin B is very useful for the skin. B1 maintain circulation remain normal, making the skin healthy. B2 can eliminate the brown spots caused by aging of the skin, while B6 helps prevent eczema.

Fiber is also important to keep skin healthy. Like water, fiber can also prevent constipation, which can damage skin health. To add more fiber into your diet, try eating more fruits, whole grains, substitute white rice into red rice, add beans, broccoli, cauliflower and so on. Look for snacks that are rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, dates, raisins and seeds.
Fish can be very beneficial for skin health. Fish oil will help moisturize your skin, especially because the content of omega-3 fatty acids. Advised to eat any kind of fish every day or at least one to two times a week.

Do not forget dairy products, like milk, yogurt. Avoid junk food as much as possible. Snacks such as candy, chips, crackers, biscuits and cakes, are foods that are high in fat and calories and also contain lots of salt that has a counter-effect to drinking water.
Actually the most important skin care is derived from a very basic, very simple, and anyone can do it. The combination diet that meets good nutrition with regular exercise and enough sleep can make a big difference in health


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