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Effect of Diet On Health

Whether you’re dieting? if you are experiencing the unpleasant result of your diet …? hopefully the following article could be useful for you:

There are thousands of face cream that is available on the market, every product promises the skin younger, smoother and more brilliant. While the expensive creams and lotions that can help soften the skin’s surface, the foundation of a healthy skin is a good diet. Consumption of healthy foods in your diet is an indispensable factor in your overall health, especially for healthy skin.

One of the most important element for healthy skin is to drink enough water, least eight glasses a day which will be very beneficial for the skin. Water can hydrate the skin cells, removing waste products and ultimately prevent constipation. This gives a new skin softness and makes it look radiant. In addition, keep your skin moist will help reduce lines and wrinkles and eliminate acne and blackheads. Continue reading


How To Increase Passion SEX

We are sexual beings and sex appeal associated with every aspect of our lives. This book will describe some simple ways to help you excite area of ​​your life on this one. In addition, there are also tips on the use of various complementary therapies and natural medicine.

Maybe you already feel your body is in good health in general. Even so, a little extra effort will improve the performance of your body. Increase the frequency of back exercise and monitor your diet to make sure you have been eating high energy foods.These businesses can immediately increase your metabolism, improve cardiovascular health, respiratory, and restore hormone balance.

Feeling fit and look attractive is a very potent recipe to restore confidence, boost morale, and increase vitality.
If you are experiencing stress, depression, or fatigue, all forms of pleasure will be missed just like that. Decreased sexual arousal can also be affected by drugs. If you smoke, you are probably already familiar with all the reasons that require you to immediately stop it. One result is affecting your sex life. Smoking can cause constriction of blood vessels Continue reading



Liver  is the largest organ of the human body preformance. In the hearts of many important processes occur in our lives is the process of energy storage, formation of protein and bile acids, regulation of cholesterol metabolism, and neutralizing toxins / drugs that enter our body preformance. So that can be imagined as a result that would arise when damage occurs to the liver.

B. Some Other Between Heart Disease
1. Liver disease due to infection
eg viral hepatitis) that is transmitted through the food & beverage tekontaminasi, injections, tattoos, a contaminated needle prick, sexual kegiatn, etc..

2. Liver disease due to toxins (such as alcohol or certain drugs) Alcohol is toxic tehadap liver. The existence of drug accumulation in the liver (such as acetaminophen) or interference with the metabolism of drugs can cause liver disease.

3. Genetics or heredity (eg hemochromatosis)

4. Immune disorders (eg autoimmune hepatitis)
Autoimmune disease is a disease caused due to the resistance against the body’s own tissues. In general, autoimmune hepatitis who resisted the liver cells, resulting in inflammation is chronic.

5. Cancer (eg Hepatocellular Carcinoma)
Liver cancer can be caused by carcinogenic compounds such as aflatoxin, polyvinyl chloride (plastic fabric), viruses, etc..
Aplatoxin is a toxin produced by Aspergillus flavus and can contaminate food during storage be food, like beans, rice & cassava, especially in the tropics. Hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis C funds can develop into liver cancer.

Attention to the HEART shape we can do to avoid things that can cause liver peyakit.

Some liver diseases are common and laboratory tests to detect.

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver cells. Viruses are the most frequent cause of hepatitis, especially hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. In general, people with hepatitis A & E may recover, otherwise B & C can become chronic. Hepatitis D virus can only attack people who have been infected with hepatitis B virus and can aggravate the condition of the patient.

Laboratory tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis of hepatitis due to hepatitis patients are often asymptomatic or atypical symptoms.
Continue reading

Tips to Detect Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has become a frightening specter from the past century, even in the past two decades, experts are doing a lot of research and research on what it is and how to overcome breast cancer and cure it.

The best way you can do now is to detect early health. The following is one of the main ways to tell if you have breast cancer or not:

The best time to examine your own breasts is every after menstruation, when breasts are usually still soft so that no lumps will be more easily detected. When you feel a bump, whether sick or not, immediately consult a physician.

Breast Examination consists of two phases:
1. Standing in front of the mirror to pay attention to whether there are changes in the shape of the breast.

• Raise both arms upward so that the breasts are clearly visible, and especially if there is a bump will also be more easily detected.

2. Lying down with a pillow dipunggung as peyangga to form flat breasts and younger more palpable.

• Use right hand to feel the left breast with his left arm stretched upwards. As for the right breast, use your left hand with right arm raised above
• Use the palm of your index finger, middle and ring slowly starting to feel the area around the breast.
• When the hand approached the nipple area, touch harder to find out more sesakma whether there is a bump
• Consider also whether there is liquid coming out of putting a clear fluid, blood or milk especially if you’re not breastfeeding.

The above tips are just one of the simplest ways we can do for early detection of breast cancer disease. the authors get search results from search engines google and yahoo.

May be useful ….

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For proof of payment to Paypal you can search yourself on Google. It’s getting a lot of people who receive these payments from the CPM. I myself still have to wait forpayment in July, and hopefully the results are not disappointing



Breasts are part of the female body is very vital and admired by men, many women who shaped his willing breasts and large sexy.i,m writing this I quote from the neighboring sites on how to quickly enlarge the breasts healthy and natural.


 “… Breast woman, admired throughout history by a poet, painter, and sculptor as a symbol of femininity, it all becomes a source of wonder forever! Moreover, allmammalian creatures (creatures feeding) is dependent on the breast … “…
Each breast consists of 15 to 20 systems that produce milk. Until puberty there is littledifference between breast little girls and boys. At the age of puberty, her breasts willgrow gradually, but not so with men. Then, as the start functioning ovaries (ovaries)girl, two hormones produced, estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone stimulates the growth and development of the dairy producer cells, whereas estrogens stimulatethe growth of the egg canal system. Continue reading

Tips to Overcome Acne

Acne is a disease that exist in the lower layers of outer skin that is always there in some people. acne is something that is unpleasant and will always affect our appearance.

Here are tips on how to deal with acne…

  1. Always keep the face clean, diligently wash face with soap that matches your skin PH. Ablution also includes a powerful therapy to reduce acne.
  2. Diligent exercise or physical akitivitas generate quite a lot of sweat, this proves once when I worked as an executive at a shipping company where I work so much activity produces sweat which turned out to be a boost to reduce the severity of my acne.
  3. Diligent drinking water. It does look simple, but this therapy really works not just for acne problems and even to diseases other major diseases though. With a good system of “water” in your body, then your blood or other organs of your body will be more “clean” and healthy so it will support your healing process of acne or other diseases.
  4. Avoid excessive stress because it can be a growing number acne triggers you, I’ve been trying to prove himself diligently to reassure existing techniques in this website, please try to prove yourself:) Continue reading